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SolidScreen - Zip Screens

SolidScreens clearly demonstrate that design flair can be combined with innovative performance. And the functional features are just as sophisticated and impressive: Fabric screens ensure pleasant light and prevent living areas heating up by reflecting and absorbing up to 95% of the sun’s rays – a great thermal insulation system.

Needless to say, Our fabric screens meet all the demands placed on external sun protection systems, such as solar shading for large glazed surfaces and wind-proof utilization.

The zip guide can withstand winds of up to 145 km/h, as confirmed by a wind tunnel test at the Karman Institute. Large surface systems up to 15 m² are possible thanks to the zip technology.

The use of fiberglass in the screen and the meticulous powder coating of all aluminium profiles and small parts enable an extremely long service life and increase the weather resistance of the surfaces.


 It is lightweight and durable as well as water and frost proof. Its semi-transparent structure protects against bright sunlight while enabling a view to the outside. The material structure provides your façade with an amazing overall look. It creates a stylish and unique appearance.

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