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Garage Doors: Our Products

Alulux Garage Doors

Alulux Garage Doors are convenient and durable space-saving miracles. Our garage doors are produced from premium-quality, solid aluminium. This makes them light, sturdy and durable. Because aluminium allows great precision in the manufacturing process, our doors always run quietly and precisely.

Our garage doors are all TÜV-certified and are manufactured according to current European standards. This includes a conformity declaration, CE marking, test book and a unique nameplate. Certified quality you can rely on.

All Alulux garage doors are fitted with a quiet motor as standard, opening and closing your door reliably. The motor foils break-in attempts with its powerful integrated anti-opening lock.

Three styles, numerous possibilities

Overhead doors, lateral-running doors or boxed roller doors: whatever works best for you. The diverse design options and the wide selection of colours give you maximum design freedom. Intelligent details and the finest materials ensure functional reliability and long-lasting convenience.

Resident Garage Door.png

Vertico - The lateral-running door

Vertico is the adaptable of the garage door options – suitable for virtually any structural conditions. Whether it’s a single or a double door, programmable openings widths (door effect and gate effect) provide a particularly high level of convenience.


Detolux - The Overhead Door

Detolux can be used with very low garages and various roof pitches. It runs very quietly on rollers along the ceiling. The walls of your garage are kept completely free – for shelves, for example.


Resident - The boxed roller door

Resident leaves the walls and ceiling of your garage free, ensuring maximum space gain. When it opens, the premium roller door is parked in the enclosed aluminium box – protected from dirt, dust and damage.

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