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About Us

Falcon is an industry leader in interior turnkey projects founded in 1991 in New Delhi and in 2014 established its outdoor shading division, now known as Shadetec. Partnering with leading brands from Europe, we guide our clients in the best solutions for awnings, shutters, pergolas and other products for the shading or security needs. 

Our Partner Brands:

Alulux GmbH - Alulux is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of roller shutters, venetian blinds and garage door systems. Alulux was established in Germany in 1960 and specializes in Aluminium Luxury products for external use. Innovators of this industry, Alulux has introduced many unique and patented products. Every unit is customized to meet specific requirements.


Libart Aluminium Systems -  Libart is the leading global brand in operable architectural solutions utilizing Aluminum, Glass, and Electro-mechanical systems to bring you retractable buildings, skylights, roofs, large span pool buildings and vertically retractable windows & doors. These are just a few of the many solutions available at Libart. Your source for operable systems that provide “indoor comfort, outdoor freedom” spaces in one place.

With distributors in 40+ countries, manufacturing centers in the USA, UAE, Turkey, India and over 25+ years of experience, Libart supports Architects, Consultants, Business Owners, and Contractors in their quest for innovative, functional, and sleek custom-designed spaces.


AVZ GroupEstablished in 1961, AVZ has since expanded into one of the largest suppliers of profiles and components for aluminium applications in the Benelux region. As a stock-keeping wholesaler, employing a work force of 96, and operating in some 34 countries.

Byart GroupByart was established in 1986 and manufactures bioclimatic pergola, awning and glass systems with an inspiration from the constructive, analytic and universal energy of the art, and delivers solutions for each season condition. Byart Group is operating in a 7.300 sqm production facility with the knowledge and experience it gained from its 30-year-old sector experience. It has expanded its domestic and overseas production with the facilities it has. It reached to its professional structure thanks to the solutions it brings to the living spaces.

Learn all about us and what we offer by giving us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you with any information regarding a specific product or service.

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