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Retractable Pergolas: Product
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Retractable Pergolas

Our retractable pergola system are beautiful additions to your abode and provide a welcome retreat from all weather conditions. With their clean lines and modern design, our pergolas are an unobtrusive yet stylish way to get the best out of your outdoor areas.


Each of our products is hand crafted and in itself unique, and from ceiling cover to construction material you can  completely customize your products. Our pergolas can be installed in any location, be it freestanding, wall/ceiling mounted or suspended.

The entire drainage system is integrated into the structure and lighting systems can be adapted to the ceiling cover   which moves together with it.

We present a wide range of ceiling covers, with a  selection of colours, materials (such as PVC, fabric) patterns which are imported from Europe and U.S, with 5 years  guaranty against fading and mould.

Depending on whether you want strong practical lighting, or an atmospheric dimmed ambience, you can choose between the Spot Lights with 3-Lens LED Technology, Linear LED lights.


For environmental protection or create outdoor living areas used throughout four seasons, Pergola sides can be covered by glass systems, louvers, drop arm awnings, external vertical
zip blind, external vertical blind.

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