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Alulux Window Shutters

Lower energy consumption, more convenience and scope for design and lower installation costs. Our bespoke aluminium roller shutters are the ideal solution for your modernisation or new-build project.

German manufacturing and the best-quality materials ensure lasting benefits.

Alulux systems minimise heat losses and reduce heating costs. They offer comprehensive protection and improve the indoor climate, even in summer. They are notable for the variety of designs and features. Whether you opt for front-mounted roller shutters or top-mounted systems.

Aluminium window shutters provide high heat insulation reducing u-values by up to 45% leading to great energy savings.

The roller shutters heavily dampen road and weather noises such that whatever may be going on outside, your home will remain peaceful inside; and when fully closed no light enters or exits the room ensuring your privacy and comfort.

The shutters come with inbuilt security locks, providing a mechanical push/pull resistance of up to 120 kg.

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