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Retractable Glass Roofs

Let natural light flood into any room with Airclos retractable glass roofs. The optimum performance and large dimensions make our retractable roofs the perfect option for creating new spaces in hotels, restaurants, and homes.

They can be used to create a larger useful space in terraces, gazebos, greenhouses, solariums, attics, swimming pools, etc.


These highly engineered ​glazing solutions for sliding roofs give you great thermal insulation with Ug-values from 0.50W/m²K

Our fully water- and airtight retractable roof systems are manufactured with a glazing system, profiles and sealing gaskets specially designed to ensure tightness against rain and wind.

With up to 90% opening get back full contact with the outer world in a matter of seconds with Retractable Glass Roofs. Their automatic actuation, powered with cutting-edge motors, makes the opening and closing of our folding roofs as simple as pressing a button.

Retractable Roofs improve energy efficiency by reducing costs and environmental impact. The thermal insulation, the great entry of natural light and heat, and the possibility of totally opening the motorised roof system make it possible to improve the level of comfort in any room with minimum power consumption.

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